About X PLUS

With the world as our stage,
we'll bring you a new lifestyle.

With the world as our backbone, we are utilizing our abilities as a trading company to carry out and provide various services from the planning, manufacturing, exporting and importing, all the way to sales. We do not want to simply just provide you with products and services; we want to make sure that we are constantly generating new value. Additionally, we're also actively taking on the digital world through the adoption of technologies such as 3D printers and RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

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SDG Related Efforts

There are many issues that the world is facing, and X PLUS is determined to take these issues head on. That is why we have chosen several major issues that we here at X PLUS feel we must work to help solve. We are working to build a better future through various approaches such as improving how we work and how we protect the environment.

To Our Corporate Visitors

Here at X PLUS, we are also focused on OEM services that use our strengths in the various businesses we take on. We'll create products that provide new value and a new perspective to customers.
We'd love to hear from companies that want to grow with us and develop new lifestyle and health care products.