Proactively, creatively.

Let "constant change" become your strategy.
We're looking for those who like to think for themselves and challenge themselves so that they can one day bring new value to the world.

What We're Looking For

To those who challenge themselves, take initiative and aim to become experts:

Our jobs are in a state of constant change.

Most teams inside X PLUS rarely focus on the same thing for more than two years. We believe the speed at which our jobs evolve is becoming our greatest strength.

We want those who join us to have a curiosity for the unknown, to strive for constant change rather than become stagnant, and to respond quickly to such changes.

We look for individuals who enjoy the thrill of a new challenges, and remain positive while tackling those challenges.

You'll often find those who join X PLUS starting a new business in a field that X PLUS has never set foot in before. When those chances arise, they'll work to gain the skills for that new business starting from the basics and aim to become an expert in that field. Whether it is a trading, production management, programming, accounting or finance, sales professional or a professional that will one day oversee the operations of one of X PLUS's subsidiaries or affiliated companies, you'll have the full support of X PLUS to become whatever type of professional you dream to be.

Moreover, we're currently promoting the development of new IT platform services for other companies while pushing the digitalization of X PLUS itself. Those who have an interest in system development or information technology can find a place to grow here at X PLUS.


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Work Conditions

We have different systems in place so that anyone can work both comfortably and creatively everyday in the workplace.

  • Full social insurance, retirement package

    Includes all types of insurance (health, pension, employment, disaster)
  • Teleworking, flex-time available

    You can work with us in a variety of ways depending on the contents of your work, personal circumstances.
  • Childcare/Maternal leave, reduced work hours

    We'll support you so that you can continue working even if your circumstances change.
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, summer holidays, New Year's holidays, annual paid leave, special leave for weddings and funerals

    We're a company that allows you to balance work with life.