A Message from Our CEOWhat it means to be X PLUS.

Be sincere, be creative.

Takao Ohashi
President & CEO

Since its establishment in 1986, X PLUS has valued these two qualities.

To us, being sincere means keeping our promises.

We devote ourselves to understanding the feelings of those we work with and work to keep our promises so that they know they can rely on us. We believe creativity means to respect the interests of the individual and consider the desires of the individual, what his or her interests are and what they have confidence in, and use that as the essence of our creativity.

We work to support and cultivate that creativity through the structure (strengths, business style) of our company and strongly believe that respecting the individual is the very core of making a creative business.

This mentality acts as a pillar for the various services that X PLUS has to offer such as apparel, fashion goods and toy services.

"The company of the world, by the world, for the world."

Holding true to these words, we aim to create new value for the people of the world.

We will strive to move forward while not forgetting our creative spirit and where we came from.