Corporate MessageOur vision.

A company of experts creating a new lifestyle.

We don't simply provide our customers products and services at a low price.
Utilizing trading company functionalities considered to be the backbone of the world,
we offer complete packages ranging from completely coordinating and planning new lifestyles sought
after by consumers to production,distribution and selling services.

PhilosophyThe DNA of X PLUS

Our CredoWhat we believe in


Our first responsibility is to all customers
that use our products and services.

  • ・Anticipate trends in the market, meet the needs of the market and create customers.
  • ・Constantly offer new value to our customers and be a leading company in specialized fields.
  • ・Be faithful and fulfill promises made to customers through expertise and enthusiasm.

Our second responsibility is something
which all employees must hold.

  • ・Show appreciation for having a place to work and the ability to work.
  • ・Make decisions based not on what is gained or lost, but on whether it is right or wrong.
  • ・Understand the importance of time, establish deadlines for everything you do and honor those deadlines.
  • ・Strive to create a work environment that is not only well-organized but allows employees to feel proactive and enjoy their work.
  • ・Acknowledge the differences and values of the individual and respect one another.
  • ・Maintain a strong sense of ownership and fulfill your own responsibilities.

Our third responsibility is to society.

  • ・Respect the client or customer, create an equal relationship and share the advantages.
  • ・Contribute to society at every given opportunity and be an organization that strives to protect the environment.