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OEM Efforts

X PLUS is engaged in bringing OEM services that utilize the strengths of each service.
We'll share our insight and work to create a product that can provide new value to your customers.
We're especially looking for those interested in becoming partners for our lifestyle and health care products!

What sets X PLUS apart?

A global production network that you can rely on.

We can bring your product to the world using one of our reliable manufacturing locations based in countries well-known for their production background such as China, Philippines and India based on the particular qualities and needs of your product.

Offering fresh ideas based on current trends.

In addition to fashion goods such as bags and belts, we can also provide ideas for everyday products such as handheld fans or humidifiers that incorporate the latest trends in fashion.

The power to propose products based on our expertise regarding material and functionality.

We work with a wide variety of materials, from functional materials that retain warmth and moisture to eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled leather.

Agile sample production that utilizes digital technology.

Let us propose samples based on your product created using 3D printer and 3D design software. We'll be able to create a sample for you in no time and even share it with you online.

Image shows a stole pattern made using design software.

Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

X PLUS is working to help make a society that is sustainable a reality through the products we make. From working with eco-friendly materials to eliminating the need to create samples, we hope to protect the future of our environment.

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