DigitalIt's time to go digital.

X PLUS is working hard to bring about a new wave of digital transformation (DX) from within its walls. With the aim of pushing digital transformation that takes advantage of the knowledge and foundation that has been cultivated over many years, we’re currently planning and developing the sort of services that can assist the community as well as our customers.

What We Do

Using the tools we develop and use in-house as a starting point, we are working to plan and develop services that can benefit those on the outside. We’re currently looking for partners to join us in driving digital transformation in small to medium scale businesses as well as engineers and directors that want want to work together with X PLUS.


In-house Workflow: Product/Order Management Tool – “幹 – Miki”

Our product and order management tool “Miki” lets us manage product information and progress status all from one place. This has helped us optimize our workflow by eliminating the need to rely on a single individual through sharing information and reducing communication costs. We’ve also been able standardize formats by automatically generating documentation such as specification sheets and contracts as well as sharing information about products from the time they’re shipped to the time they reach customs in real time.

Online Image Storage Application – “D Stock”

We receive a variety of images and files from our customers ranging from product images, photographs used for marketing research to proposals. With the help of automated tagging achieved using AI, we’ve been able to eliminate tasks that waste our resources such as creating documents that are similar and contain overlapping information.

Development Environment

Languages, Platforms

PHP Laravel, Python, C# or others based on the project. MySQL, Aurora HTML5, CSS, SCSS JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, Nuxt.js

Cloud Services

Azure (integrating with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, etc.)

Other Tools, Services

Github, Circle CI, Cloudinary, Adobe XD etc.

Available Services

Application Development for Improved Workflow

After getting to know your workflow, we’ll recommend and develop the tools optimal for your business.

Service Implementation Support

We can help you implement the services you need for your company.