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We’re expanding our OEM/ODM production services of fashion products such as bags, belts, shoes, stoles and hats.
After getting to know you, we can assist you with making new business plan proposals as well as custom orders that utilize our partner locations based in China, Vietnam, Philippines and India while taking advantage of their backgrounds in global production. We’ll work to create a original proposal that feels fresh, exciting and aims to impress.


Organic Cotton

We’re working to produce goods that are safe for both people and the environment by using organic cotton which has received the internationally recognized GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Leather which is both environment and people friendly. This leather undergoes a tanning process that uses tannins extracted from plants instead of traditional chemicals. It is characterized by its durability, softness and striking color.


We stock and use Cordura, a category of synthetic fabrics that excel in durability and repelling water. We use only what we need to quickly create our products without letting anything go to waste.

※CORDUARA® is a registered trademark belonging to INVISTA for fabrics.

Harris Tweed

A type of handwoven cloth produced in Scotland. We can quickly delivery our products by stocking typical colors in free trade zones due to the lengthy import process that can usually take over six months.



Based on our history of producing over 3,000,000 items a year, we are confident in our ability to deliver great quality on time. We are making efforts to reduce plastic usage by using hooks made from recycled leather. Additionally, we’re also working on developing ways to create buckle samples by utilizing 3D printing.


Produced primarily in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Textile patterns are created in 3D using SHIMA SEIKI’s APEX3 and managed in a digital catalog, allowing us to quickly and efficiently create proposals that let customers easily visualize in 3D how garments look when worn without the need to create new samples.


China, Myanmar and the Philippines are the primary locations for production in the world. X PLUS manages A&P GLOBAL MANUFACTURES INC., its partner factory in the Philippines that works hard to meet worldwide standards. Our team will be more than happy to recommend a manufacturing location that best works with the materials required as well as the features that set your product apart from the rest.

Small Electronic Goods

PUNX, our partner, oversees the production of small electronic goods such as handheld fans and miniature humidifiers. They’ve developed the original “minimo-style” brand that strives to integrate fashion into all its products. PUNX works to develop products that adapt to this constantly changing world.


With SDGs in mind, we’re working with our subsidiaries located in India and China to produce not only your typical eco-bags but also eco-bags that utilize materials such as organic and recycled materials that are both environmentally friendly and people friendly.


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