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X PLUS is working to develop its production and sales of products ranging from masks, face shields, isolation gowns to nitrile gloves.

We’re working to develop and create products that can be used more comfortably and safely by using our expertise in the fashion industry and handpicking the materials, designs and features that go in to our products.


Cloth Masks

We’re working to develop and produce quality masks that can provide you with feature options such as being cool-to-the-touch, moisturizing, anti-bacterial and odor resistant, reducing UVs and fashionable options such as frilled and laced, allowing you to not only enjoy them but wear them comfortably in your day-to-day life.

Non-woven Masks

We’ve designed our manufacturing process so that we can develop masks that are both high quality and reasonably priced. Additionally, we’re developing a wide variety of non-woven masks such as washable and 3D-shaped versions that take into account not only the production environment of China but South Korea as well.

Protective Clothing

We develop and produce non-woven and plastic gowns that play a critical role in preventing the spread of both viruses and bacteria in places such as medical and care-giving facilities.

Disposable Gloves

We carry nitrile, latex (natural rubber) and polyethylene gloves suitable for medical, care-giving facilities as well as dining establishments and food manufacturing and processing sites.

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