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From planning and developing a product to bringing them to customers, our toy team works with a variety of licensed products coming from numerous genres such as anime, movies, manga and “tokusatsu” without ever confining ourselves to one genre.

Whether it’s domestic or overseas, we’re constantly striving to develop licensed characters that can stir the wild imaginations of our customers who buy our products out of their unquenchable thirst and love.

* Some products are not available outside of Japan.


Daikaiju Series

A series that brings the actual suits for characters seen in “tokusatsu” films such as Ultraman to toy form. Our team is developing toys based on a wide range of characters ranging from those popular in the series to the ones only die-hard fans would know that you would rarely see in toy form.
* Spin-off series: Toho Daikaiju Series, Daikaiju Series, Toho 30cm Series, etc.
* Total product height: Approx. 20cm to 30cm tall

Gigantic Series

Our series which focuses on large figures towering at approximately 40 cm. tall.

You can find a large selection of incredibly massive figures in this series.

We are developing characters that not only come from “tokusatsu” works but anime and game characters as well.


A series which features characters that have been warped and twisted into reality.

The proportions, details and features the characters have been squished to be approximately 2.5 heads tall, creating an impressive yet compact model.

Real Master Collection

Our high-end series that reproduces a quality close to the mold through the use of poly-resin which effectively minimizes the margin of error between the product and the mold. With the considerable weight of these figures and their special stand, you can truly feel the quality of this product. This series primarily focuses on “tokusatsu” heroes and kaiju.

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*Some products are not available outside of Japan.